The Tenacious D tour is under way!! We start in Santa Barbara on 5.23.2012 and head up north from there! By June we’ll be in Europe for some awesome festivals and a run of shows in London.

I just picked up a new Fender Cabronita Telecaster! It totally rules! And believe it or not, it’s actually my very first Fender!


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Tenacious D tour dates are up HERE!

I’m so excited about these shows! I picked up some tasty new combo amps from MESA/BOOGIE, and per usual I’ll have my BC RICH MOCKINGBIRDS, as well as a couple hollow-bodies this time around, including a DUESENBERG and a MATON.

Super stoked for the new album to come out! It was truly amazing to witness first hand as Jack and Kyle birthed this fiery fenix egg!

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Welcome to I’m John Konesky. I play guitar. The purpose of this website is to allow people who care to see what’s happening in my world. For example: Who I’m playing with, what I’m playing on, where I’m playing at, who I’m playing for, why I’m playing for them, and what I intend to play in the future. I also wanted to have a place where I can post pictures and videos from gigs, or the road, or the studio for people to check out.

“For those well aware of the band’s [Tenacious D] rise, the real surprise here was the skill of their supporting cast. Though Jack Black (JB) and Kyle Gass (KG) did their part wonderfully, when it came down to the music, guitarist John Konesky nearly stole the show. “
-Bruce Matlock

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